Located in a valley on top of a rock, this house, previously in ruins, it opens up completely to the outside, establishing a spatial continuity between the field and the house.
Conceptually, the existing ruin is assumed as a shell, where inside is born a new volume of wood that receives the private program.
The big window of the living area allows you to increase the area to the terrace and bring light into the house. The existing fireplace brings light  to the toilet, giving to all internal spaces a relation with the outside.
The idea to use wood in the ceiling, interior walls, doors and windows aims to contrast with the cold of the existing stone walls. The concrete floor and manual tile reflect the typical and vernacular identity of preexisting home.
The small details, from the gate, the light holes in the chimney and the use of green, have the purpose to reach the Sintra aesthetic that resides in our imagination.


LOCATION Chanca, Mafra, Portugal

BUILT 2015

AREA 100m2

ARCHITECTURE Manuel Cachão Tojal

PHOTOGRAPHY Francisco Nogueira 

PRIZE Finalist Project PNAM 2017

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