This project is the first of a bigger plan of bungalows planned for a stunning plot, located in Tepoztlán, a small town located 50 km from Mexico City.
The bungalow was designed as a shelter for temporary stays in Tepoztlán. A small but comfortable space for a couple and their children. The project is born from a folding gesture of a single concrete slab that, when folded, configures the space composed of ceiling, walls and floor. This concrete piece is folded according to the plot and the views, with an overall frame over the valley.

The entrance facing the back, in a closed area, contrasts with the open entrance facing the landscape.

By folding the slab and letting the edges almost touch, we created a tension, which divides the social area from the private one and allows us to create a covered outdoor patio, a refuge among the trees, to enjoy the views, the climate and the nature of the place.

LOCATION Tepoztlan, México


BUILT 2016

AREA 80m2

ARCHITECTURE Manuel Cachão Tojal in collaboration with Cadaval & Solà-Morales

PHOTOGRAPHY Diego Berruecos