Santa Cruz House is part of a project from the early 80's of six twinned houses.
It has the particularity of being the corner house and assuming almost an autonomous house, which allowed us to take a more independent approach as well.
The proposal transformed the Client's initial program, which was practically true to the original, into a house with plenty of natural light, a greater relationship between the floors and a greater relationship between the interior and the exterior.
The room started to be opened to the kitchen and with a support toilet. A “shot” ladder was created which, in addition to connecting all floors, also relates them to the outside. The staircase is designed as a void and is assumed as an excavation in the pre-existence to reach the terrace (previously unused). In this way, the stairway ends up becoming a patio and the rooms that previously had gaps facing only the facades started to have an intense relationship with the light brought about by the creation of this "patio".
The previously unused roof became a large open terrace with direct visual relations to the surrounding urban landscape.
The choice of using wood and brass was almost immediate since these materials are associated with a nautical-maritime environment. Account was taken of a reinterpretation in the use of these materials with a delicate and more contemporary design.
Outside, the intervention included highlighting and chromatically dividing the entire volume of the house between the housing program and the street-level parking program. The entire foundation will be admittedly recognizable by the use of heavier, more robust materiality. Above that punch, a private, light and delicate volume floats, where the white color dominates.


LOCATION Santa Cruz, Portugal

BUILT 2020

AREA 120m2

ARCHITECTURE Manuel Cachão Tojal

PHOTOGRAPHY Francisco Nogueira 

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